Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beijing Day Two In Pictures

The Morning View outside my window. Sunrise over Beijing.

The group at the Beijing Planning Exibition. They are standing on a picture map of Beijing and behind them is a 3-D model of the city.
Mitchell taking a picture of a lit up model of Beijing's CBD (Central Business District.) Also at the Beijing Planning Exhibition. We also got to see a 3-D movie about the history of Beijing and a 4-D movie about the transportation systems.
Next Stop: The Beijing Zoo
Panda. Eating.

Video of a Panda. Eating.

A Peacock shows off for the crowd.

This rather embaressed young fellow's mother and aunt really wanted to have a picture of him with Sarah and Merritt. He was quite reticent, but finally allowed himself to be dragged into a shot.

This is a Asiatic Brown Bear. While the Panda's and a few of the other exhibits are well kept and fairly humane. The conditions in much of the Zoo are quite terrible. This poor bear and his cellmate lived in a small enclosure of cement and rock and spent their time playing with trash that people had dropped into the enclosure.

Cotton Candy.

Sarah just wanted a bite of Merritt's cotton candy. Merritt was very sad when she took the whole thing.

Jianqiang and Dawson.
Dawson wears his pack really low. So we all did too.
Dinner Before Shot.
Post dinner snack. Yes, that is a scopion on a stick. Yes, Jeb is eating it. Fianl words for the day: Tastes like popcorn!

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