Thursday, February 19, 2009

And they're off...

This evening the majority of the freshman class gathered in Ordway Hall to leave for China!!!
Luggage was collected in the living room. (Picture- Kris Nammack giving the luggage a thumbs up!)

Spirits were extremely high. And everyone was really really ready to get on their way. A meeting was held to cover the last minute details. The biggest excitement of the night was finding out the groups with whom they were traveling.

(Picture 1- Tom Whittington addresses the group.
Picture 2- The Xi'an group with the Whittingtons
Picture 3- Chengdu 1 with Jan Baker [Lorenzo Baker is already in Beijing to meet the group when they arrive.]
Picture 4- Chengdu 2 with Lauren Head and Holly Tornrose.
Picture 5- Ryan Yu, one of the three Gould Academy Seniors who are Beijing natives and will be with the group while they are together in Beijing.)

After groups met and journals were passed out, it was time to pack the bus and get a move on.
(Pictures Below: The crew on the Bus and then the tail lights of the bus as it pulled away off to Logan and on to Beijing. )

The next post will be from the ground in Beijing. Signing off from Bethel, Colin Penley.

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