Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bartering in Beijing

Today we rode the bus to the Dirt Market. There was merchandise galore, but it didn't look anything like Walmart! Bartering skills were honed and gifts were purchased for family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the prospect that the price could be negotiated.

Eli contemplating a purchase at the Dirt Market.

After shopping we headed to lunch and then to the Temple of Heaven. It was amazing to see the beautiful buildings

Sarah and Dawson at the Temple of Heaven.

While at the Temple of Heaven we were able to witness how native Beijinger's spend their Saturday afternoons. Tai chi, cards, Chinese chess, Tai chi paddle ball, jianzi, singing, instument playing, crocheting and dancing!

We then went to the Hong Qiao Pearl Market across the street. More shopping and more bartering! Mrs. Swan was very thankful that Mr. Penley showed her this area of Beijing.

Time after dinner will be spent journaling and resting up for another busy day tomorrow.

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